Gratitude List 5/24/18

I am feeling low right now and definitely out of practice in centering tenderness. So much has happened in this week. Some hard truths have been excavated and revealed. The pain of learning feels a bit relentless. So, in this moment of managing feeling down, disappointed, weary, stressed, impatient, irritable, disconnected, and discontent, I acknowledge that there are still things that bring me joy and solicite gratitude.

  1. My sister labored and birthed the newest addition to my family. They are healthy, at home and completely in love with each other.
  2. This morning I was able to make myself breakfast and lunch.
  3. I called my grandmother and her voice grounded me.
  4. My little cousin’s rude screams demanding candy “right now” made me chuckle and reminded me that there is life.
  5. My coworker extends grace to me and covers me in these moments of difficulty.
  6. The sky is cloudless and blue.
  7. A green bug hitched a ride on my thumb.
  8. You are reading this.
  9. Crying was helpful.
  10. I know love.

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